Tour Leo Núi Tà Xùa 3 Ngày 4 Đêm

TA XUA – Walking on the Dinosaur Spine

Ta Xua is one of the most magnificent mountain in the North of Vietnam. At 2865 meters high, it’s famous for diversified tropical forests, tips of the mountain which protrudes from the ocean of clouds and also long and difficult slopes. Some highlights of the Ta Xua mountain that we can refer to: the giant tortoise stone head reaching out the cliff, giant undulating ridge as the dinosaur spine. And if we are lucky, we can walk on the ridge which split up the ocean of clouds – an unforgettable impressive experience.

Ta Xua is famous also with diversified vegetation: thick moss carpets, hundreds-years old grand trees…When you see the golden inclined sunset light shining on the tree branches covered by moss, you will feel like you’ve just get in tropical paradise.

This is definitely a worthwhile challenge for enthusiasts to conquer.

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Ha Noi - Tram Tau
Tram Tau - Tea House
Tea House - Peak - Tea House
Tea House - Tram Tau - Ha Noi


TA XUA: Level 8/10 · HARD

  • TA XUA: 2865m high, Ho Thau – Ban Cong – Tram Tau – Yen Bai
  • Duration: 3 days 4 nights tour
  • Over 34km of mountain road, many forest, few streams. Suitable for hunting clouds and watching majestic landscapes.


– English speaking guide
– All necessary forest and tourist permits
– Shelter/ Tents and sleeping bags
– All meals on the schedule
– Transport van or bus Hanoi – Tram Tau (2 ways)
– Porters (who carry tents and foods)
– Basic health kit
– 2 Litres of water (4 bottles of 500ml)
– 1 raincoat and 2 pairs of gloves
– Additional nutrition foods (chocolate pies, dry foods)

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